Our Team

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(Left to right) Kathy, Raquel, Meredith, Dr Condo, Carolina, Sarah

Dr   Dominick Condo   MD, FACP

Dr Dominick Condo

Dominick is passionate about building long term relationships with patients and guiding them through the healthcare process. Preventative care is high on his priorities list, as is taking a collaborative approach with patients and caregivers to help build both rapport and better health outcomes. He has lived in Bayonne his entire life including raising three daughters and three sons with his beautiful wife Gloria.  

He is currently accepting new patients.

The Team

Kathy Vorrius, RN - Nurse

Raquel Motto - Medical Assistant

Carolina Rusnak - Practice Manager

Meredith Smith - Appointments & Referrals

Sarah Standish - Appointments & Referrals

Patricia Cummings - Billing Representative